Making photograph is a complicated process, it's much more than producing an image. A photograph must travel through all the experiences, thoughts and feelings before it comes to one's vision. It's all about seeing things but not only with eyes, but through mind and heart. Mindless eyes produce only imagery, not photographs.

“Making a photograph requires responsibility, honesty, empathy and respect. Because photographer is a bridge between the subject and the audience. Even though photograph is considered to be objective, each photograph is as objective as its photographer. In another saying, each photograph is a reflection of its photographer, so it is subjective. Therefore, photographer must know her/himself first. She/he must respect all beings and cultures, look in different perspectives, be unbiased, unprejudiced and leave her/his identity aside. She/he must even give up when necessary. Because respect comes first. Greatmaster Henri Cartier Bresson’s quote is my guide on this matter: "-Photography is nothing, it's life that interests me.-






Who are we? Who is our family? Who are our friends? How many people do we know? How different are we from each other and what seperates us? Colors, languages, religions, borders, passports, walls...? How far have we travelled? How much different flavours have we tasted? Are all our experiences enough to get to know the world? Are we wise enough to speak of everything? Are we good enough to judge others? What is wrong, what is right? Where and when? What is the real wealth? Money, land, a good job, salary, family, kids, parents, friends, knowledge, education, health...? Can we create our comfort zones and put borders? Is that really possible to live such isolated while others suffering? Are we out of their reach forever? Is that possible to create one world for all beings? I believe that the world will start to be a better place once we start thinking of these.



to all that respect each other and all beings


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