A New Life – Yeni Bir Hayat

This work focuses on the daily life of Syrian migrants in my city, Adana. War has never made sense to me. Yet, I came to an understanding that life itself is war, as I see when I observe my environment and surroundings. Is fleeing a war enough to settle down? People, most of the time speaks of those who fled their country, label them as cowards who avoid the fight. As far as I see, war never ends. Life is all about survival and humankind is the master of surviving. Those who fight and survive under the circumstances of a new country are also fighters for me. They did not escape war, yet they chose to live and fight for survival. Life is full of surprises. An abandoned area is becoming home for someone else and a new life cherishes unless the fight stops for survival.

2015-2021 © Mehmet İlbaysözü

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