My Home, My Childhood, My Youth – Adana – Yuvam, Çocukluğum, Gençliğim

I live in the southern part of Turkey, in a city called Adana, located on the major migration route from east to west. Adana has been the fourth biggest city in Turkey and the economy of my city is based both on agriculture and industry. Therefore, this vivid city and fertile lands of Chukurova are becoming the last stop and home for many migrants. The city attracts tens of thousands of adventurers sailing out to new hopes. The old city is located mostly on the southern plains of Chukurova but with the arising new settlements towards the northern plateaus, the old city dwellers started shifting their crowd to northern areas. This disorganized growth of the city led to the concrete jungle in the northern part, leaving abandoned old settlements in the south. The starting of the Syrian War in 2011 has speeded up the transformation of my city and filling the gaps in the southern settlements in the blink of an eye. An already cosmopolitan and mingling city has become more and more crowded and diverse in such a short time. Today, hosting nearly 2 million people in the city center, Adana keeps changing rapidly, erasing all our memories with the same speed. My grandparents have also migrated here in search of a better life, from the southeast part of Turkey, leaving their homeland behind. I, as a documentary photographer, a son of this historical city and also as a migrant myself, keep pacing its old and narrow streets, looking for old and familiar faces from my past, mingling with the crowd in search of my childhood and youth, witnessing the inevitable transformation and changing face of my home.

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