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This photo was taken by a child who’s forced to work on streets, red lights, cleaning car windows and selling the drivers stuff. I was talking to him, asking about the reason him being there at night time. After asnwering my question, he pointed my camera and asked apermission if he could take pictures of me. I put the camera on auto mode, handed him and instructed him about how he shoot. He tokk the camera, asked me to sit on the sidewalk and look et him. I did as he asked. He took couple of shots and this was one of the few focused ones. I did not photograph his face as he did not want.

Mehmet İlbaysözü – 20.10.1976

Professional Photographer

I live in Turkey, in a city called Adana, located in the south part of the country where the Mediterranean ends and the Middle East starts. I started photography back in 1995 when I was studying Business Administration in Istanbul. Since then, never stopped. In the beginning, as any enthusiast, I experimented the photography, shot lots of rolls, full of underexposed sunsets, everyday life, mosques, flowers, seagulls, homeless, etc. I have worked on many different jobs during my high-school and university years such as being a pizza delivery boy or mostly salesperson in many different sectors. After working as an accountant for a year, I quitted my job and started doing photography professionally in 2003. I worked in cruise ships as a photographer and thanks to my job, I traveled six continents. In the meantime, I put my interest in documentary photography and started working more systematically, stating themes and building my work around them. Working as a cruise ship photographer in a multi-language, multi-cultural, multi-gender and multi-belief environment and traveling overseas constantly, transformed my personality, belief, perspective, values and I started seeing things much more differently than I did before. Shortly, I started becoming a new person and I believe that I will never stop changing until my journey is over.

I came back to Turkey in 2009 and found a transformed country as well as I did. I kept doing commercial photography in Adana to earn my life and besides, I never put my camera aside when off-duty. My city has been one of the major stops in the migration route from the Middle East to the western world. Syrian War has started in 2011 and the transformation of my city speeded up its pace.

Since then, I keep documenting my childhood places, memories, old and changing faces of my city, the transforming architecture, in short, the rusty past and so-called the shining future.

I opened six personal photo exhibitions, three in Turkey and three in France.

I used to travel abroad for my photography work before the pandemic and will keep doing that once things get normal.

I graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Business Administration. I also have an associate degree in photography from Anadolu University. I am recently doing my post-graduate degree in photography at Chukurova University, Communication Faculty, Communication Sciences.

I speak, read, and write English enough for any professional business. I speak, read and write French on the beginner level and still studying on it.

I give lectures at Chukurova University Faculty of Communication on Basic Photography and Press Photography. I am married since 2004. My wife is also a professional photographer and a ceramic artist. We have one daughter.

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